Nestlé is piloting reusable and refillable dispensers for pet care products and soluble coffee as part of its efforts to reduce single-use packaging. The in-store dispensers offer consumers a shopping experience that is free of single-use packaging, along with flexibility and variety of product choice.

Consumers can bring reusable containers to purchase different types of Purina cat food and Nescafé soluble coffee. They can also digitally access product information that is typically found on the packaging, such as ingredients, nutritional values, and shelf life.

Working in collaboration with the startup MIWA, Nestlé recently piloted the reusable and refillable dispensers in three Nestlé shops located in Rorschach, Orbe, and La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland. During a four-month trial period, the dispensers were well received by consumers, and Nestlé was able to gain valuable insights into consumer perceptions. To further assess the dispensers’ effectiveness in preventing packaging waste along the supply chain, the dispensers will be rolled out across more locations in the next few months.

The development of innovative, alternative delivery systems, such as bulk, reuse, and refill options, are a key focus area for Nestlé across several product categories. The company has already announced a pilot test for Refill Plus, a high-tech water dispenser that allows consumers to personalize their water with 64 flavor combinations. In partnership with Terracycle, Nestlé is rolling out Loop, a subscription home delivery service in the United States, which will soon be introduced in France as well. Additionally, mini dispensers for Nescafé and Milo are available for the out-of-home segment in many countries around the world.

These systems are part of a broader set of actions to reduce single-use packaging. Building on its commitment to making 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, Nestlé announced plans to reduce the use of virgin plastics by one third during the same time period.

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