Last week, PepsiCo launched and, two direct-to-consumer websites where shoppers can order an assortment of PepsiCo’s food and beverage brands. To compete with the snack giant’s offerings, the startup brand PeaTos launched this week. PeaTos snacks are made by replacing the corn base found in many snack products on the market today with peas and getting rid of artificial ingredients.

“Now, as the world battles an unprecedented pandemic that is keeping people at home, the fight for snack share just headed online,” said Nick Desai, founder and CEO, PeaTos. “With the launch of, we wanted to make sure consumers can get their favorite ‘junk style snacks made from peas’ directly to their homes. We have seen massive growth online in a very short amount of time.”

PeaTos was launched in 2018 to disrupt the $20 billion salty snack market. Desai assembled a team to develop a snack that tastes, crunches, and satisfies like traditional corn-based snacks, but is made from nutrient-dense peas. From 2019 to 2020, the brand experienced 50% growth, making it a leader in the sector. features PeaTos’ entire product range, including Classic and Fiery Hot Curls, Vegan Masala Curls, and new products like Classic Onion and Fiery Onion Rings.

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