Nicolas Appert Award

Purpose: To honor an IFT member or nonmember for preeminence in and contributions to the field of food technology. 

Award: $5,000 honorarium from IFT and a bronze medal from Chicago Section IFT 

Eligibility: The nominee must have made consistent—and essentially lifetime—contributions to food science and technology. Factors of personality or achievement outside the field of food technology cannot be considered. For a detailed description and history of the award and the accomplishments of past winners, see the article, "The Nicolas Appert Medalists—A Reflection of the Growth of Food Science and Technology," by Alina Surmacka Szczesniak, Food Technology, September 1992, pp. 144-152. 

Special Instructions

Please submit the following documents with your nomination:

  • Nomination statement; must not be more than four typed pages
  • Letter of reference

Nominations are now closed.

2020: José M. Aguilera

2019: D. Julian McClements

2018: Dennis R. Heldman

2017: Jozef L. Kokini

2016: E. Allen Foegeding

2015: Stephen Taylor

2014: C. Patrick Dunne

2013: Kenneth R. Swartzel

2012: Casimir Akoh

2011: Malcolm Bourne

2010: R. Paul Singh

2009: Daryl Lund

2008: Gilbert A. Leveille

2007: Todd R. Klaenhammer

2006: George E. Inglett

2005: Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas

2004: Larry R. Beuchat

2003: Dietrich Knorr

2002: Daniel F. Farkas

2001: Adolph S. (Al) Clausi

2000: Aaron L. Brody

1999: Robert G. Cassens

1998: Theodore P. Labuza

1997: H.C. Rudolf Heiss

1996: Michael P. Doyle

1995: Philip E. Nelson

1994: Roy L. Whistler

1993: Wilbur A. Gould

1992: Irving J. Pflug

1991: Raymond J. Moshy

1990: Myron Solberg

1989: Fergus M. Clydesdale

1988: Owen R. Fennema

1987: Elmer H. Marth

1986: Marcus Karel

1985: Alina S. Szczesniak

1984: John J. Powers

1983: Steven S. Chang

1982: Clinton O. Chichester

1981: Bernard S. Schweigert

1980: Evan F. Binkerd

1979: F.J. Francis

1978: Jasper Guy Woodroof

1977: Richard L. Hall

1976: Amihud Kramer

1975: Ernest J. Briskey

1974: George F. Stewart

1973: Hans Lineweaver

1972: John C. Ayres

1971: Reid T. Milner

1970: Samuel A. Goldblith

1969: Edwin M. Foster

1968: Donald K. Tressler

1967: Michael J. Copley

1966: Maynard A. Joslyn

1965: Harold W. Schultz

1964: Gail M. Dack

1963: Karl F. Meyer

1962: Arnold Kent Balls

1961: Helmut C. Diehl

1960: Ernst H. Wiegand

1959: Berton S. Clark

1958: William F. Geddes

1957: Emil M. Mrak

1956: Bernard E. Proctor

1955: Charles G. King

1954: Charles N. Frey

1953: Victor Conquest

1952: Edward M. Chace

1951: A.E. Stevenson

1950: Thomas M. Rector

1949: Roy C. Newton

1948: C.A. Elvehjem

1947: C. Olin Ball

1946: C.H. Bailey

1945: A.W. Bitting

1944: C.E. Browne

1943: Samuel C. Prescott

1942: William V. Cruess