Marcel Loncin Research Prize

Purpose: The prize, given every other year, was first awarded in 1994. To honor and provide research funding for an IFT member or nonmember scientist or engineer conducting basic chemistry/physics/engineering research applied to food processing and improvement of food quality. Prize money is to be used by the recipient in directing and carrying out a proposed research project, and to allow a successful scientist to help a young scientist(s) to also become successful.

Sponsor: The Lomi Foundation Endowment Fund of Feeding Tomorrow

Award: $50,000 paid in two annual installments and a plaque

Eligibility: The application must be submitted by an individual eligible to carry out the research (i.e., it is not to be a joint research proposal or a laboratory-manager proposal, although cooperative research is encouraged). The applicant may be from academia, industry, or government and the organization must verify on the application that it will agree to allow the applicant to work on the proposed research.

Special Instructions: 
The application should consist of a 5-page grant proposal and a one-page biographical sketch. The proposal should include an introduction with specific objectives, a short critical review of the literature, and a description of the proposed methods. The research proposal must show potential cross-fertilization and cooperation among academia, the food industry, and government organizations where possible. A purely analytical chemistry proposal will not qualify.

The announcement of the recipient of the prize will be made during the IFT Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting a year later, the recipient will make an oral, informal progress report at a breakfast/luncheon meeting attended by the confidential research jury and others as deemed appropriate.

The second year after winning the prize, the recipient must (1) review the results of his/her study at a breakfast/luncheon meeting attended by the confidential research jury and others as deemed appropriate and (2) make an oral presentation of the results of the study as part of the technical program at the Annual Meeting. The recipient must submit an abstract for oral presentation and must make the presentation in person. If appropriate, a division may sponsor the recipient as a plenary speaker for one of the technical sessions or symposia.

RESTRICTIONS: The prize proceeds may not be used exclusively and specifically for purchase of new equipment. Also, the prize money cannot be used for salary for the prize recipient but can be used in part for salary of support personnel or graduate students as long as their work is directly related to the research proposal. Only 10% of the prize may be used for travel expenses and then only for travel to the IFT Annual Meeting. The recipient must agree not to charge any overhead expenses against prize money.

Please submit the following documents with your nomination:

  • 5-page grant proposal
  • One page biographical sketch
  • Reference Letter

Nominations are now closed.

2020: Julie M. Goddard

2018: Pawan Singh Takhar

2016: Shyam Sablani

2014: Lisa J. Mauer

2012: Wade Yang

2010: D. Julian McClements

2008: Shelly J. Schmidt

2006: José M. Aguilera

2004: Dietrich Knorr

2002: Jozef L. Kokini

2000: Syed S.H. Rizvi

1998: Theodore P. Labuza

1996: John M.V. Blanshard

1994: Werner Bauer