Babcock-Hart Award

Purpose: To honor an IFT member who has attained distinction by contributions to food technology which result in improved public health through nutrition or more nutritious food.

Sponsor: International Life Sciences Institute North America and the Institute
of Food Technologists.

Award: $3,000 honorarium from the International Life Sciences Institute North America and a plaque from IFT

Eligibility: The nominee must have made practical technological contributions resulting in improved public health, as distinguished from contributions to clinical nutrition or purely scientific research, unless it has led directly to technological developments. The technological contributions, or the technological development resulting from scientific research, must be in actual, large-scale production leading to better consumer nutrition. Such contribution could be made in the area of food production, food processing, or food packaging, storage, or distribution.

An example of a contribution in processing might be the development of equipment that would process food in a way to conserve nutrients or prevent wastage; another might be the development of a process which would inhibit or prevent bacterial spoilage, oxidation, desiccation, or enzymatic deterioration of food, providing such contribution eventually influences the nutritive well-being of the consumer.

An example of a contribution in food production might be genetic studies to develop improved strains of cereal, fruits, or vegetables which would provide greater yield or increased nutritive content; another might be studies on animal nutrition which improve efficiency of production, or studies on animal diseases which result in decreased losses.

Contributions could also be made in packaging, storage, or distribution conditions which would eventually affect nutritive value.

Special Instructions 

Please submit the following documents with your nomination:

  • Nomination statement; must not be more than four typed pages
  • Letter of reference

Nominations are now closed.

2020: Mary Ann Lila

2019: Hang Xiao

2018: Casimir Akoh

2017: Eric Decker

2016: Edward Hirschberg

2015: D. Julian McClements

2014: Fereidoon Shahidi

2013: Richard Mattes

2012: Richard Black

2011: Rui Hai Liu

2010: Levente Diosady

2009: Stephen Taylor

2008: Dennis Miller

2007: Tung-Ching Lee

2006: Mary Ellen Camire

2005: Jonathan C. Allen

2004: Bruce A. Watkins

2003: Chang Y. Lee

2002: Bill Helferich

2001: Paul A. Lachance

2000: George E. Inglett

1999: John W. Erdman, Jr.

1998: Haile Mehansho

1997: Connie M. Weaver

1996: Ben Borenstein

1995: Mark A. Uebersax

1994: Fred R. Shank

1993: Mary K. Schmidl

1992: Robert G. Cassens

1991: Sanford Miller

1990: No Recipient

1989: Elmer H. Marth

1988: Theodore P. Labuza

1987: John E. Kinsella

1986: George N. Bookwalter

1985: G. Richard Jansen

1984: Fergus M. Clydesdale

1983: James R. Kirk

1982: John C. Ayres

1981: No Recipient

1980: Steven R. Tannenbaum

1979: Robert H. Cotton

1978: No Recipient

1977: David Hand

1976: Harold S. Olcott

1975: D.K. Tressler

1974: Bernard S. Schweigert

1973: Clinton O. Chichester

1972: James W. Pence

1971: Hisateru Mitsuda

1970: Ricardo Bressani

1969: Samuel A. Goldblith

1968: Arthur I. Morgan, Jr.

1967: Wallace B. Van Arsdel

1966: Roderick K. Eskew

1965: Tetsjiro Obara

1964: Robert R. Williams

1963: Maynard A. Joslyn

1962: V. Subrahmanyan

1961: Emil M. Mrak

1960: Arnold H. Johnson

1959: Samuel Lepkovsky

1958: Bernard L. Oser

1957: Elmer M. Nelson

1956: Gail M. Dack

1955: William V. Cruess

1954: Edwin J. Cameron

1953: Charles N. Frey

1952: Fred W. Tanner

1951: Samuel C. Prescott

1950: Carl R. Fellers

1949: Clarence Birdseye

1948: Fred C. Blanck