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Atchison, Kansas, POSITION PURPOSE:  Conceptualize new and value-added ingredients for eventual launch and commercialization in the food and non-food industry and to provide scientific support to Sales & Marketing and distribution partners to assure the success of the corporation. This position will be involved in project management directing product research, applications, customer projects and technical services in support of the company’s ingredients business. The individual will provide expertise in-house in support of the Ingredients Division initiatives and as a cross-functional team member with other departments of the company. This position will address regulatory matters with FDA and other government agencies and will be active in patent applications and in protecting MGP’s intellectual properties.   MAJOR ACCOUNTABILITIES & COMPETENCIES Research and Development Conceptualizes new value-added products in support of Innovation initiatives and in addressing the prevailing Food Trends. Commercialize new products in support of Sales and Marketing efforts. Directs food applications/formulations research on new and existing food ingredients utilizing in-house research equipment, commercial lab services or university facilities. Directs projects with universities or research centers to develop new scientific and clinical data or confirm the efficacy or performance of ingredients in food and non-food products. Provides expert technical advice on product, process, and quality improvements in support of Operations, Engineering, and Quality. Customer Support Provides technical service and customer support to the Sales and Marketing team including MGP’s brokers, distributors and international partners. Provides education through technical training of customers, brokers, distributors and MGPI staff. Strategy Development Develop strategic intent and new product development for R&D group and contribute to developing the 5-year strategy for MGP Ingredients Solutions. This includes understanding of current customer trends and how the ingredient portfolio can be expanded, improved and optimized. Experience with M&A activities and evaluations from an innovation standpoint. Can lead the R&D function during M&A focus within the strategy of the organization. Regulatory Compliance Directs efforts to obtain regulatory approval of MGP’s ingredients. Conducts regulatory discussions with FDA, USDA or other foreign agencies to support ingredient’s use in the food industry. Intellectual Property Invents new products or processes. Writes patents and provides technical advice to lawyers during patent application and prosecution. Provides technical advice in defending intellectual property in case of infringement. Information Management Writes and publishes brochures/booklets describing product attributes and performance in support of the Sales and Marketing team. Contributes articles in trade magazines in response to media inquiry. Keeps abreast of technical information in published literature, scientific meetings, and trade shows. QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS PhD. in Food Science, Grain Science or Cereal Chemistry Minimum of 10-15 years of fundamental and practical research experience in starch and protein structure, composition, properties, functionality, nutritional quality, modification and uses Minimum 10 years of commercial or industry experience in food research and product development in the baking, pasta, snack, breakfast cereal and meat alternative industries. Clear understanding of the commercialization process and how innovation and the new product development function connect to profitable growth in the sales arena Minimum 10 years of experience in technical service and sales support Ability to transition to the “go to market” sales platform to support the sales organization Minimum of 5 years of experience in collaborative research and partnership with industrial, academic or government institutions High visibility in the food industry with full understanding of the baking and pasta B2B segments Ability to assimilate technical information and create PowerPoint presentation materials to customers, distributors/brokers, and MGPI staff and develop  easy-to-read reports to executive management Ability to use Microsoft Office and use search engines to obtain technical, patent and market information Ability to establish close relationships with university professors, R&D scientists from food companies and scientists from government research laboratories. Specialized knowledge of chemistry of carbohydrates (starches, dietary fibers, gums, hydrocolloids), proteins, lipids, and enzymes; specialized knowledge of wet flour processing, dough rheology, baking, sensory analysis, chemical modification, enzyme conversion, food processing operations, extrusion, thermal modification, product development, ingredient interaction and functionality, quality management, human clinical studies, regulatory compliance, and patent writing/applications. Sound scientific knowledge and solid business understanding of the food industry and the prevailing Food Trends Excellent interpersonal communications skills Ability to communicate complex ideas or processes to a variety of audiences including sales, marketing, customer service, R&D and the C-suite environment Excellent written communication skills to outline ingredient applications and functions for potential advertising or marketing support of ingredients portfolio Results Driven Proven leadership skills with the ability to coach and teach new technologies and ideas Preferably an active member in good standing with the American Bakers Association (ABA) and other technical organizations like the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and Cereals & Grains Association  ...

The Career Center at the IFT Expo attracts many talented and up-and-coming professionals in the food industry who continue to advance science and push the boundaries of innovation.

- Elizabeth Adefioye, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer , Ingredion Incorporated
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